Gebruiksaanwijzing niet inbegrepen? ArcheoHotspots opzetten in de provincie Overijssel


  • Anne Ponten



Instructions not included? Setting up ArcheoHotspots in the province of Overijssel. As a part of my internship at the archaeological depot of the province of Overijssel, I was asked to investigate the most optimal location for an ArcheoHotspot in that province. ArcheoHotspots are an initiative that was started four years ago with the main goal to improve the engagement of the public with archaeology. To do this, the organisation behind the hotspots has encouraged the setting up of special spaces in museums and other heritage locations that allow visitors to participate in archaeological research. At the start of my research, I believed that this concept was uniform and highly coordinated. However, the opposite turned out to be true. Individual ArcheoHotspots have a large amount of independence, and they are all set up in a unique way. So, to figure out what the most optimal location and layout for an ArcheoHotspot in Overijssel would be, I had to visit multiple existing hotspots to figure out what makes them work and then investigate what locations in Overijssel best fit the criteria.