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Palaeohistoria 31 'Them wet bones ... ' Faunal remains from the Late Neolithic well at Kolhorn Abstract   PDF
J.T. Zeiler
Palaeohistoria 35/36 (1993/1994) 14C-AMS: Pros and cons for archaeology Abstract   PDF
J.N. Lanting, J. van der Plicht
Palaeohistoria 49/50 (2007/2008) Frisii and Frisiavones Abstract   PDF
M.C. Galestin
Palaeohistoria 43/44 (2001/2002) Hunebed D6a near Tinaarlo Abstract   PDF
A.L. Brindley, J.N. Lanting, A.D. Neves Espinha
Palaeohistoria 30 Hunebed D9 at Annen (gemeente Anlo, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands) Abstract   PDF
D.J. de Groot
Palaeohistoria 8 A Bronze Age Concentration at Bargeroosterveld. With some Notes on the Axe Trade across Northern Europe (Pl. XIV-XIX, figs. 47-56) Abstract   PDF
J.J. Butler
Palaeohistoria 57/58 (2015/2016) A bronze harvest: Dutch Bronze Age sickles in their European context Abstract   PDF
S. Arnoldussen, H. Steegstra
Palaeohistoria 29 A chieftain's residence at Peelo: a preliminary report on the 1987 excavations Abstract   PDF
P.B. Kooi, G. Delger, K. Klaassens
Palaeohistoria 3 A Contribution to the Problem of the so-called Grenzhorizont Abstract   PDF
W. van Zeist
Palaeohistoria 15 A Federmesser Site with Tanged Points at Norgervaart prov. of Drenthe (Netherlands) Abstract   PDF
K. Paddaya
Palaeohistoria 47/48 (2005/2006) A geographically referenced 14C database for the Mesolithic and the early phase of the Swifterbant culture in the Northern Netherlands Abstract   PDF
M.J.L.TH. Niekus
Palaeohistoria 31 A group of tumuli on the 'Hooghalen' estate near Hijken (municipality of Beilen, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands). With an appendix by J. Gerritsen: How it was done Abstract   PDF
M. van der Veen, J.N. Lanting, J. Gerritsen
Palaeohistoria 24 A hand-axe made of hälleflinta found at Anreep, near Assen (Province of Drente, the Netherlands) Abstract   PDF
D. Stapert
Palaeohistoria 41/42 (1999-2000) A high chronology for the early Iron Age in central Italy Abstract   PDF
A.J. Nijboer, J. van der Plicht, A.M. Bietti Sestieri, A. de Santis
Palaeohistoria 21 A Late Bronze Age drawing instrument? Abstract   PDF
J.J. Butler
Palaeohistoria 30 A list of the extant and formerly present hunebedden in the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
J.A. Bakker
Palaeohistoria 41/42 (1999-2000) A marginal landscape: Field work on the beach ridge complex near Fogliano (South Lazio) Abstract   PDF
P.A.J. Attema, E. van Joolen, P.M. van Leusen
Palaeohistoria 25 A meal for the dead. Animal bone finds in Roman graves Abstract   PDF
R.C.G.M. Lauwerier
Palaeohistoria 24 A Middle Paleolithic artefact scatter, and a few younger finds, from near Mander NW of Ootmarsum (Province of Overijssel, the Netherlands) Abstract   PDF
D. Stapert
Palaeohistoria 39/40 (1997/1998) A note on the Allerød vegetation of southeastem Friesland (with emphasis on the Oudehaske area) Abstract   PDF
S. Bottema, E. Mook-Kamps
Palaeohistoria 10 A Paleobotanical Study of some Bogs in Western Brittany (Finistère), France (PI. XXXVIII-XLVII, figs. 31-32) Abstract   PDF
W. van Zeist
Palaeohistoria 22 A palynological study of the Late-glacial and the Postglacial in the Paris Basin Abstract   PDF
W. van Zeist, M.R. van der Spoel-Walvius
Palaeohistoria 27 A prehistoric route and ancient cart-tracks in the gemeente of Anloo (province of Drenthe) Abstract   PDF
S.W. Jager
Palaeohistoria 29 A progress report on the Rhenen industry (Central Netherlands) and its stratigraphical context Abstract   PDF
D. Stapert
Palaeohistoria 33/34 (1991/1992) A re-assessment of the hunehedden O1, D30 and D40: structures and finds Abstract   PDF
A.L. Brindley, J.N. Lanting
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