Portieri, a Hellenistic Fattoria in the Foothills of the Sibaritide (Calabria, Italy), site report and shard catalogue


  • N. Oome
  • P.A.J. Attema


In the October 2004 campaign of the Raganello Archaeological Project (RAP) of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA), a survey team headed by the first author located the remains of a Hellenistic site in the foothills of the Sibaritide plain in northern Calabria (Italy). The size and nature of the artifact scatter that was mapped indicated a different type of site than the subsistence farms known so far from previous surveys. Study of the ceramics suggests that the storage of wine played a prominent role on the site. From this, it may be deduced that we are dealing with a site that specialized in viniculture and produced for the market of the Greek town of Thourioi, located in the plain at a distance of 20 km. Through the ceramics, the Portieri site can be dated in the period from approximately mid 4th until mid 3rd century BC (c. 350-250 BC).