(Pontine region, Central Italy): the GIA excavations at Le Grottacce, a local amphora collection and material from surveys in the Nettuno area


  • T.C.A. de Haas
  • P.A.J. Attema
  • H. Pape


This article describes the methodology and results of three recent pottery studies that are part of the GIA's long-term Pontine Region Project ("PRP"). These studies deal with Roman amphorae from the coastal area between Anzio and Torre Astura (Lazio, Italy). The first study is an investigation at the Roman villa complex of Le Grottacce, where stratified debris of amphora and tile production was mapped and sampled. The second study concerns a collection of amphorae in the local museum collection, while the third study is concerned with the amphora sherds that were found during the GIA's surveys in the area from 2003 to 2005. In the final section of this article we propose perspectives for integration of the three datasets and, subsequently, their interpretation in terms of socio-economic developments in the coastal area.