De NO-Nederlandse/NW-Duitse Klokbekergroep: culturele achtergrond, typologie van het aardewerk, datering, verspreiding en grafritueel


  • J.N. Lanting


This paper deals with a number of closely related subjects. In Ch. 2 the AOO beaker group in the Netherlands, Belgium and Western Germany is examined, especially regarding distribution pattern, association with Single Grave culture and burial ritual. In Ch. 3 a partly new typology of the Central Dutch bell beakers is presented. Ch. 4 to 7 deal with the NE Dutch/NW German Bell Beaker group, especially with the typology of the beakers, dating evidence and burial ritual. Differences in burial wealth between the Central Dutch and the NE Dutch/NW German Bell Beaker group are emphasized. Ch. 8 and 9 deal with finds from settlements and from wet contexts, respectively with stray finds of wrist guards in the NE Netherlands and NW Germany. Ch. 10 proposes a new typo-chronology of large settlement pottery (Beaker Pots) in the same area. Ch. 11 is an extensive summary of the Dutch text.

In Appendix 1 the Hoenderlo-Schenkenshul barrow is re-analyzed, using the original documentation, and the Ahsen/1934 barrow excavation is published.

Appendix 2 is a catalogue of NE Dutch bell beaker finds, with detailed descriptions of find circumstances and drawings of the objects.