Protohistoric to Roman settlement on the Lepine margins near Ninfa (south Lazio, Italy)


  • P.M. van Leusen
  • T.C.A. de Haas
  • S. Pomicino
  • P.A.J. Attema


The Groningen Institute of Archaeology has conducted field walking surveys in the northern part of the Pontine plain, on the southwestern margins of the Lepine mountains, since 1987. The results of these surveys have only partially been published in accessible journals, and in a number of different formats. Archaeological knowledge and methodology has advanced during that period, and therefore the older studies must be reassessed as well. This article draws together and reassesses all the site-based information that is available from literature and fieldwork, including that of Italian and Dutch studies dating before 1987. All sites are classified according to their observed characteristics, and presented in the catalogue. The classification system itself is explained, and the site patterns are presented and discussed in chronological detail with attention to the biases caused by the variations in land use/land cover and in the intensity of archaeological research across the landscape.