De 14C-chronologie van de Nederlandse pre- en protohistorie, IV: bronstijd en vroege ijzertijd


  • J.N. Lanting
  • J. van der Plicht


After some introductory remarks in Chapter 1, this paper deals in Chapter 2 first with the periodization of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age in southern Germany & adjacent areas, and in southern Scandinavia, then with the synchronization of both systems and the absolute chronology based on dendrochronology. Finally the chronological systems in the Luneburg area, eastern France, Britain and Brittany & Normandy are dated on basis of contacts with southern Germany and southern Scandinavia.

In Chapter 3 the problems of regional Dutch chronology are dealt with. It is clear that existing proposals underestimate the real problems, and that transitions between. Early, Middle and Late Bronze Age, resp. Early and Middle lron Age can not be defined in the simple way it has been done up till now. We propose to use the southern German system.

In Chapter 4 the radiocarbon dates for Bronze and Early lron Age material in the Netherlands, and in adjacent parts of Germany and Belgium, when appropriate, are listed. These lists include large numbers of dates on cremated bone, slowing the potential of the new method of dating structural carbonate in calcined bone. Finally, the radiocarbon dated urns of the Late Bronze Age/Early lron Age and some settlement finds are illustrated.