Twee graven met Romeins bronzen vaatwerk uit Drenthe


  • A. ter Wal


In this paper two graves with Roman bronze vessels, found in the province of Drenthe (the Netherlands), are presented. The first find consists of a bronze bucket of the so-called Ostland-type published by Janssen (1859), but forgotten since. The bucket, which dates from the end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd century, was found before 1809 in the vicinity of the village of Anloo. Unfortunately only a drawing of the bucket remains; the object itself has disappeared. Very little is known about the find circumstanees, only that it was at the time filled with 'bones, ashes and charcoal'. This makes it more than likely that it was part of a cremation burial, probably a later interment in an older burial mound. The second grave was also a secondary burial in an early or middle Bronze Age barrow, locally known as the Schoeberg near the village of Diever and excavated in 1931. It consisted of an urn grave, accompanied by the burnt remains of at least one, but possibly two bronze vessel(s), fragments of a glass vessel and possibly a bonecomb. Some of the bronze fragments probably originate from a bronze basin, type Eggers 99-106. On the basis of urn and bronze fragments the burial most likely dates from the 3rd century.