The miniature votive pottery dedicated at the 'Laghetto del Monsignore' , Campoverde


  • M. Kleibrink


Although many objects of the rescue excavation carried out by the Soprintendenza per il Lazio in a small lake called the 'Laghetto del Monsignore' were stolen, the remaining miniature pots merit a catalogue, especially because these miniature votive pots date from the 10th to the 6th century BC and thus the deposit is one of the earliest known. Apart from offering a catalogue, this study tries to ascribe the littIe pots to their proper ware and use categories by comparing their fabrics and forms with normal sized pots manufactured in Lazio. The Iron Age votive deposits at lakes and springs clearly continue votive habits of old: firstly, during the Bronze Age, practised in caves far away from settlements, secondly, during the early lron Age, dedicated at cremation burials which took place near the settlements, and thirdly during the infill of the urban landscape at open-air springs and lakes near the settlements. The votive deposit at Campoverde contains many jars, which, perhaps, may be interpreted as a female dedication to the supematural power thought to be present at the lake.