A note on the Allerød vegetation of southeastem Friesland (with emphasis on the Oudehaske area)


  • S. Bottema
  • E. Mook-Kamps


Pollen assemblages dated to the Allerød oscillation in a peat sediment from Oudehaske are compared with those from other Allerød deposits in southeastern Friesland. Palynological information obtained from sediments collected from pingo scars turned out to be very identical. The information of this group of pollen sites differs from the results obtained from shallow bogs, which points to fundamental differences in Allerød vegetation around the two types of catchment sites.

Measuring of birch pollen in the Allerød of Oudehaske, to separate dwarf birch from tree birch, points to a dominance of dwarf birch. Crowberry is claimed to be an indicative pollen type for the Younger Dryas, but shallow peat bogs in eastern Friesland contain important pollen percentages of this plant, suggesting that it occurred locally already in the Allerød, but not in connection with pingo scars.