A high chronology for the early Iron Age in central Italy


  • A.J. Nijboer
  • J. van der Plicht
  • A.M. Bietti Sestieri
  • A. de Santis


This paper presents evidence for a high chronology of the early Iron Age in central Italy. Four archaeological contexts from Fidene, Satricum and Castiglione are presented together with the associated range of artefacts and the radiocarbon dating. Especially the set of radiocarbon dates from the hut at Fidene functions as a reference point for the transition of Latial phase IIB to phase III. It is highly unlikely that the hut and its contents can be dated later than 820 BC. Thus, the absolute chronology of the transition from Latial phase IIB to phase III can be safely raised by 50 to 75 years. This would bring the Italian absolute chronology for the early Iron Age more in line with chronological developments in central Europe. In the Epilogue some consequences of a high chronology for the Italian early Iron Age in relation to Mediterranean archaeology are discussed.