Sites and finds of the Campoverde and Padiglione surveys of the Pontine region project (2005)


  • T. van Loon
  • S.L. Willemsen
  • G.W. Tol


This article presents the results of a campaign of small-scale systematic intensive surveys carried out in 2005 in the areas of Padiglione and Campoverde in the coastal part of the Pontine region (Lazio, Central Italy). These surveys, carried out within the ambit of the long-running Pontine Region Project of the Groningen Institute for Archaeology (henceforth GIA), had a two-fold objective. Firstly, work in the Campoverde area was undertaken in order to establish the presence/absence of settlements that could be spatially and chronologically associated with the cult place of Laghetto del Monsignore that has been the object of study by the GIA ever since the late 1980's. Secondly, surveys in the Padiglione area were aimed to assess the northward continuity of the dense pattern of protohistoric and Roman occupation that was attested in the area of Campana (municipality of Nettuno) that is situated just south of the investigated area. Overall, nine sites were recorded dating from Protohistory to the Roman Imperial period; however, the obtained results should be read in close dialogue with the complicated landscape history of the studied area.