Oost-Fivelingo 2S0 v.C.-18S0 n.C. Archeologische kartering en beschrijving van 2100 jaar bewoning in Noordoost-Groningen


  • M. Miedema


Reconstruction of the habitation in Oost-Fivelingo by means of archaeological fieldsurvey and description/dating of the finds. In fact habitation begins in the third century BC, but real colonization does not start before the first century BC. Many terps and farmsteads were founded in the Roman Period. During the Dark Ages the evolution of the settlements was arrested by the Duinkerk II transgression. Many small terps were abandoned and could not survive. A new wave of colonization started about the 8th and 10th century, when settlements even were founded in the south of the Fivelbog, where at that time a salt marsh had developed. In the late Middle Ages dikes were built around these new salt marshes, and they were reclaimed. In the 18th century this reclamation finally came to an end. By this time Oost-Fivelingo was a reality. Terps were no longer built and farmers spread over the country, where it was now save to live.