The section at Usselo; Brief description, grain-size distributions, and some remarks on the archaeology


  • D. Stapert
  • H.J. Veenstra


In this paper a concise description is given of the type section at Usselo, based on the drawing and photographs made in 1975 in the course of a reinvestigation (see also van Geel et al., 1989). The grain-size distributions of 34 sand samples, taken in 1975, are presented and discussed. One conclusion is that at Usselo the permafrost disappeared approximately at the beginning of the Bølling Interstadial s.s.

Finally, some preliminary remarks are made on the archaeological finds from Usselo. It is pointed out, among other things, that there may have existed a Late Palaeolithic habitation at this site during the Late Dryas Stadial, i.e. after the main occupation period represented by the large collections from the 'Usselo Horizon', excavated by Hijszeler in the 1940's. It is probable that the archaeological material of Usselo represents repeated occupation of the site.