Bog trackways in the Netherlands

  • W.A. Casparie


This article presents an overview of the prehistoric and historical wooden trackways and paths that have been found in the peat-bogs of the Netherlands. The description is based on the relevant information at the Biologisch-Archaeologisch Instituut. In a few cases cobble trackways are concerned. Of the 40 items dealt with 22 are certainly or most probably bog trackways or paths; 5 items are possibly bog trackways and 13 are certainly not. The oldest trackway dates from c. 2100 BC, the youngest from AD 1665. Much information, especiaIly from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, is very unclear. 12 trackways and paths have been studied in some detail; in most cases the function could be demonstrated. The trackways and pathsd escribed were very seldom part of a traffic system.