Spoolde. Worked and unworked antlers and bone tools from Spoolde, De Gaste, the IJsselmeerpolders and adjacent areas


  • A.T. Clason


(p. 123)

In summary it can be said that it is difficult to give an exact date for the Spoolde antler and bone tools and antler fragments. Most of the tools, however, can belong to the Late Atlantic habitation period of the Swifterbant settlements in the polder Oostelijk Flevoland.

The shafted axes or elk antler adzes may belong to the Late Preboreal but can be dated also in the Late Atlantic. The base-axes type I can be found in the Late Atlantic but also in younger periods, while the T-shaped antler axes have a Middle-Late Atlantic dispersion - a date which the last and best C14 date, viz 6050± 30 B.P., seems to corroborate. Remains of red deer and elk can be expected to be found together from the (Late?) Preboreal onward. Only the one fragment of a reindeer antler must be from an earlier period. The majority of the finds can also have a Late Atlantic date.