A site of the Hamburg tradition on the wadden island of Texel (province of North-Holland, Netherlands)


  • D. Stapert


(p. 26)

In this article is described the material from a small site of the Hamburg tradition on the Wadden island of Texel, in the extreme northwest of the Netherlands. The finds were present in a layer of cover-sand, and can be dated with some degree of certainty in the stadial between the Bølling and Allerød interstadials (Early Dryas). The material that was found includes, in addition to 28 mostly smaller stones, 447 flint artefacts. Among these are 27 specimens that can be described as “tools” (6%). What is remarkable here is the relatively large proportion of points (10: in all cases broken or damaged). For the other tools see table 5. The material recovered from this site is certainly only a part of what was once present: an unknown but probably considerable proportion of the original material has been lost to us. As appears from the excavation (carried out by the R.O.B., Amersfoort), the concentration was situated in an area measuring approximately 10 x 8 metres.