Mesolithic sites near Havelte, province of Drenthe (Netherlands). A preliminary report of the Havelte Project (Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan - Biologisch-Archaeologisch Instituut, State University of Groningen)


  • T.D. Price
  • R. Whallon
  • S. Chappell


(pp. 58-59)

A preliminary discussion of the Havelte project, the sites, and the materials has been presented. More complete descriptions, comparisons, and interpretations will be made in the final report. The existence of six sites, located in the same area and excavated in the same manner is of great advantage in the study of the Mesolithic period. The data from these sites allows more detailed analysis of within- and among-site variability than is usually possible. This not only provides for more meaningful reconstruction of activities at individual sites and comparison among sites, but also opens up some new aspects of Mesolithic research. It is hoped that the preceding discussions have adequately indicated the approach taken, the questions asked and the methods used, in an attempt to begin to understand these archaeological remains as the reflections of patterned behavior of Mesolithic cultural groups. Some progress is being made in this direction, but, as any research should, this project has raised at least as many questions as it has answered. Perhaps one of the values of a report such as this will be in refining the questions asked and the approaches adopted so that future work will provide fuller and more accurate definitions of Mesolithic cultural systems.