Noticing and Helping the Neglected Child: Summary of a Systematic Literature Review


  • Brigid Daniel University of Stirling
  • Julie Taylor
  • Jane Scott


neglect, recognition, response, maltreatment


This paper summarizes key findings from a systematic literature review that sought to identify existing evidence about the ways in which the needs of neglected children and their parents are signaled and the response to those needs. Using systematic review guidelines 14 databases were searched for primary research studies published in English from 1995-2005. An initial 20.480 items were systematically filtered down to 63 papers for inclusion. The evidence suggests that there is considerable evidence about how needs are indirectly signalled, less on how they are directly signalled. There is evidence that health professionals can identify those signals, but very little evidence relating to educational professionals. We conclude that, as well as improving response to indirect signals it is also important to improve the evidence base about what makes services 'hard to access' for many parents and children.

Author Biography

Brigid Daniel, University of Stirling

Department of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling, Stirling, UK.