Enkele notities over groepswerk en sociologie

Waal,E. H. de


This is a publication of the Dutch Committee for the Study of Groupwork. There is an increasing interest in the smaller unit since it is considered to be beneficial to both the individual and society. This interest is not limited to social reflection, it is also shown in deed - group work: a purposive occupation with a small group of people to make them more social-minded and to assist them in finding the way of expressing this social consciousness. As to the problems of group work, they are twofold: (1) those concerning the internal dynamics of the group itself, and (2) those which find their origin in the relation of the group to society at large. After discussing the social structure and the social processes of the small group, it is pointed out that group,work is of great value for the study of sociology. H.P.M. Goddijn.


Group research; Group work; Group dynamics; Individual collective relationship

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